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Freelance Faculty – UAE

Are you a Facilitator or Corporate Trainer / Roleplayer with a commercial background and business acting experience, based in the United Arab Emirates?

About You

  • You are passionate about helping people to grow.  You love getting the best out of people in the training room and know how to support the growth of confidence and capabilities in your learners.  
  • Your facilitation approach is underpinned by the qualities of drive, care and engage.  You can energise and lead a large audience when you need to and are equally comfortable being a subtle and engaging coach when leading a small group.
  • You are passionate about, and are confident using, experiential learning to bring learning to life. 
  • You craft your message in your own unique and engaging style and know how to validate and challenge in the right measures, leaving learners feeling valued, respected and inspired.
  • You can call upon a personal wealth of commercial and life experience and can bring ideas to life with your creativity. 

The Opportunity

We are currently growing our specialist international team of appropriately qualified freelance Facilitators and Coach Facilitators.  We are currently focused on growing our fantastic team in the UAE.  
We are looking for Associates to work with our global clients on a long-term freelance basis, in 2 roles depending on their experience:

Coach Facilitator role

  • Play the role of the characters in Forum Theatre Demonstrations
  • Facilitate exercises in breakout groups / rooms, such as Practice Conversations
  • Play character roles as part of the Practice Conversations
  • Facilitate feedback conversations in breakout groups / rooms

Facilitator role

  • Facilitate the learning content in the main room
  • Facilitate Forum Theatre Demonstrations
  • Facilitate exercises in breakout groups / rooms, such as Practice Conversations
  • Play character roles as part of the Practice Conversations
  • Facilitate feedback conversations

All our faculty have a commercial background and are experienced facilitators / corporate trainers / role-players.  Many of them are also trained professional actors.   
Our workshops vary from 90 minutes to several days (virtual or in-person) and our programmes can be multi-modular.
Remuneration will be highly competitive.  Some international travel may be required.

About PCA

PCA is a global leader in experiential learning and exists to create unforgettable learning experiences which transform lives, careers, and businesses. We are passionate about using the power of experiential learning to develop confident, capable and bold leaders at every level of an organization and across a broad range of human capabilities.

Headquartered in London, our Global Faculty have worked internationally with over 250 global corporates and professional services providers, across 16 sectors. 

Our exciting range of award-winning experiential methods and immersive experiences engage, inspire and ‘bring learning to life’, both in-person and virtually – this can be in standalone practical workshops or multi-modular learning journeys. 

We use methods such as Forum Theatre and Practice Conversations to give our Learners a contextualized and relevant learning experience, that helps them grow their mindset, increase their knowledge and build their skills. 

We’d love you to visit www.pca-global.com to meet the team, find out more about our human-centered approach and get a sense of our global clients.

Our Requirements

You must have at least 3 years’ experience in each of the following:

  1. employment in a large corporation or professional services firm
  2. using business acting skills in experiential corporate training, such as roleplay  
  3. facilitation of experiential learning

It will be desirable/advantageous to also have any of the following:

  • Professional Acting experience, including any professional acting training
  • Executive Coaching qualification
  • Degree in psychology or business
  • Training-related qualification such as organisational change or leadership

We will only be able to consider applicants with the appropriate employment history.  Thank you.

Please send the following, highlighting the above experience and qualifications, to Karen Wheal by 7th December 2023.

  1. Short video introducing yourself (max 2 minutes) highlighting the relevant employment / acting / facilitation / corporate training experience – this can be via video platform or phone
  2. Employment CV (highlighting any organisation / professional service firm experience)
  3. Professional Acting CV
  4. Facilitation / Corporate Training / Roleplay CV
  5. Current headshot(s) including corporate/business if you have one

Please Note:

  • Our recruitment process includes 1.5 days of virtual and 1 day of face-to-face Development and Assessment sessions.  The final session will take place in Dubai on 9th February 2024.
  • We would love to, but unfortunately we are not able to respond to all applicants.

We cultivate a culture of inclusion that respects individual strengths, views, and experiences.  We believe that our differences enable us to be a better team – one that makes better decisions, drives innovation, and delivers results.