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Allyship in Action: Above The Line

Define behaviours that sit above and below the line of inclusive leadership and teamwork

Culture Change
Case Studies

The Capability Gap

In a time of high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity, and a fast-changing socio-cultural and regulatory landscape, there is an increasing need for organisations to focus on creating a culture which drives as sense of belonging, collaboration and inclusion of diversity of thought. Without this focus poor behaviours can be exacerbated when individuals come under pressure.  

It is therefore important to have a continuous and robust focus on above the line behaviours, rather than wait for a crisis or ‘near miss’.  This definition of ‘allyship in action’ is a business imperative when it comes to driving resilient performance through inclusive leadership and teamwork.

Learning Outcomes

  • Raise self-awareness around the impact of our own behaviours on others and the team culture

  • Understand how ‘power’ and the ‘choice we have’ to drive change through behaviour will make or break a team culture

  • Increase understanding around what constitutes above and below the line behaviours

  • Experiment how to intervene in moments that matte

Workshop Format

Delivery tailored to participant level

Delivery tailored to participant level

Length of session

90 mins – 3.5 hours

In person or virtual

In person or virtual

Number of participants

24 participants

Indicative Workshop Content

Leadership Equation

ZOUD: Zone of Uncomfortable Debate

Circle of Control

Toxic Triangle

How to be a catalyst for change

Unforgettable Learning Experiences

Above And Below The Line

Ways of working
At the heart of culture is our behaviour and we have all experienced behaviours that undermine our ability to work well and connect as a team.

Creating agreement on how to behave, as well as habits to avoid, can create clarity on what is acceptable. Stopping to define these helps to raise consciousness around preferred ways of working.

This exercise can be used to accelerate change by defining how to call out below the line behaviours in the future.

Coaching Vignettes

A different perspective
Vignettes are character-based stories to recreate familiar work situations.

Participants approach the story from new perspective, stimulating new thinking and solutions.

Participants can see the impact of behavioural choices in action and develop a deeper understanding of how to approach specific contexts with greater confidence.

Virus Hospital

From diminishers to multipliers
Like any living organism, organisations can be affected by viruses, in this case diminishing behaviours which impact people in different ways.

In Virus Hospital. participants work together to diagnose viruses and identify diminishers in their organisation. They then don their collective medical thinking caps and identify possible antidotes, i.e. the multipliers which boost immunity, ensuring longer term cultural and organisational health.