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Transformational Leadership

Explore psychological safety, trust and openness to lead others through change

Developing Leaders
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The Capability Gap

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business landscape, organisations face constant change and transformation.

Leaders, both established and emerging, must possess the necessary skills to navigate these challenges and effectively guide their teams through the process.

However, many leaders struggle with communicating change, managing resistance and fostering adaptability.

Without the knowledge, tools and confidence to help teams navigate change successfully, there is risk of increased levels of anxiety, decreased morale and reduced productivity, all of which hinder organisational goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Foster a mindset to navigate constant change comfortably

  • Understand how to create psychological safety within your team

  • Clearly articulate the vision as a Change Agent to facilitate buy-in

  • Understand how to investigate potential barriers and resistance to change

  • Empower others through positive, forward-looking change conversations

Workshop Format

Delivery tailored to participant level

Delivery tailored to participant level

Length of session

90 mins – 3.5 hours

In person or virtual

In person or virtual

Number of participants

24 participants

Indicative Workshop Content

VUCA: Leading in Constant Change

Change Curve

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

Perfectionism vs Experimentation

Psychological Safety: Creating a positive environment for change

Unforgettable Learning Experiences

In Their Shoes

See things differently
An entire team will answer business-critical questions – from the perspective of another team.

This allows participants to gain an impactful new perspective on the work of their peers. Participants then make specific requests and offers of support across teams.

Participants walk away with a clear set of actions and a greater appreciation of the interdependencies across the wider team.

Immunity to Change

Overcome hidden barriers
The exercise is designed to uncover deep-seated beliefs and hidden assumptions that hinder change and create resistance. Participants work thorough a series of steps to uncover and address the internal obstacles that impede personal growth and change.

A deeply reflective exercise, it identifies competing commitments, challenges limiting beliefs, and empowers individuals to take deliberate actions towards achieving their goals.

Forum Theatre

Build confidence in new skills
The epitome of how we help people to defy expectations. Forum Theatre is a highly immersive platform to try new skills and behaviours in a safe, supportive environment.

With real-time, constructive input from peers, we create realistic scenarios which help participants grow in stature and confidence.

Participants emerge from this session ready to create lasting change, with a renewed appreciation of the positive difference they can make.