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Purposefully build a diverse network of advocates, sponsors and challengers

Personal Development
Case Studies

The Capability Gap

It’s universally accepted that networking is important for career progression but how to create the type of network that supports ambitions and professional development is less clear.

An examination of existing networks is essential to assess current relationships and spot any gaps. Additionally the perception that networking is all about “selling” and is fundamentally self-interested can prevent some from pursuing mutually beneficial relationships.

A reframing of mindset and a strategic approach to networking is essential to encourage individuals to engage with new and existing contacts, ask the right questions and present their value with impact; so that they can build key relationships on a human level.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how to approach networking with strategic goals

  • Identify individuals for your strategic network

  • Practice how to draft and deliver an Elevator Response that demonstrates individual value

  • Learn how to create a story that presents your experience in a concise and compelling way

  • Develop confidence to create follow-up opportunities

Workshop Format

Delivery tailored to participant level

Delivery tailored to participant level

Length of session

90 mins – 3.5 hours

In person or virtual

In person or virtual

Number of participants

25 participants

Indicative Workshop Content

Strategic planning: Personal Boardroom/Strategic Mapping

How to Engage with Impact

What we do – Individual Value Proposition and Service Ignition

What we’ve done: STAR stories

How to follow up and grow connections with confidence

Unforgettable Learning Experiences

STAR Stories

Present your value in a compelling way
The Star Story framework offers participants a way to present information in a compelling and succinct way.

The STAR acronym facilitates an exercise in which participants create and share a story relevant to their own experience.

Using Star stories; participants can powerfully build credibility while evidencing their value proposition.

Personal Boardroom

Surround yourself with people that can help you succeed
The Personal Boardroom exercise is a powerful tool that we can use to create a diverse, supportive network that fosters personal development and success.  

By filling our Personal Boardroom with a group of trusted individuals we access valuable guidance and viewpoints.  

Personal Boardroom turns what we do intuitively or informally into an intentional process so that we can leverage relationships in a reciprocal, authentic and transparent way.

Forum Theatre

Build confidence in new skills
The epitome of how we help people to defy expectations. Forum Theatre is a highly immersive platform to try new skills and behaviours in a safe, supportive environment.

With real-time, constructive input from peers, we create realistic scenarios which help participants grow in stature and confidence.

Participants emerge from this session ready to create lasting change, with a renewed appreciation of the positive difference they can make.