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Own Your Feedback

Turn feedback into gold, gather the data you need to grow and put it into action

Personal Development
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The Capability Gap

The lack of capability when it comes to making the most of feedback, creates a magnified value gap for team members, leaders and organisations alike.

Employees miss valuable insights for improvement, hindering their professional growth, limiting their potential and sometimes creating a negative perception of their working experience.

Leaders may shy away from delivering the important messages for fear of defensiveness or personal resentment.

And for organisations, the repercussions are far-reaching. Without a culture of receptive feedback, innovation, trust and continuous improvement are held back, costing the organisation bottom line success and high performing talent.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to embrace feedback as an opportunity for learning and high performance

  • Manage emotions when receiving feedback, staying open-minded and using it for growth

  • Build questioning skills to gain clarity, perspective and a sense of control

  • Understand the importance of giving yourself time and space

  • Develop your listening skills when under pressure

Workshop Format

Delivery tailored to participant level

Delivery tailored to participant level

Length of session

90 mins – 3.5 hours

In person or virtual

In person or virtual

Number of participants

25 participants

Indicative Workshop Content

Learning and Development:
A High Performer's Behaviour

LTBS: Listen to the full stop

The Growth Mindset (Dweck)

LCD: Listen Clarify Decide

EFRO Questions: Clarifying and Investigating

Unforgettable Learning Experiences

Turn The Tables

Experience both sides of the table
This experience gives learners the opportunity to practise receiving feedback that they’ve identified will be particularly challenging to accept.

Their peers will also benefit from stepping into the shoes of those trying to deliver such personal feedback, allowing them to empathise with the position of the feedback giver.

Via peer to peer learning and coaching, the learners are also able to identify their own personal development areas to focus on later in the session.

Experience Growth Mindset

Feel the difference in approach
Participants are moved towards the fixed mindset to begin with, so that they can become explicitly conscious of the impact that this approach can have on themselves, their colleagues and the subject they’re discussing.

They are then transferred over to using the growth mindset so they can define for themselves the different experience that this mindset brings with it – and the advantages that this mindset can bring when applied.

Forum Theatre

Build confidence in new skills
The epitome of how we help people to defy expectations. Forum Theatre is a highly immersive platform to try new skills and behaviours in a safe, supportive environment.

With real-time, constructive input from peers, we create realistic scenarios which help participants grow in stature and confidence.

Participants emerge from this session ready to create lasting change, with a renewed appreciation of the positive difference they can make.