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Becoming the Trusted Advisor

Build trusted relationships for long-term engagement and selling

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The Capability Gap

More than ever before we are required to build deeper trusted advisor relationships with our clients, however it can feel like there are an increasing number of barriers.

Part of the challenge is around gathering the right type of information from clients and being able to use a more commercial, proactive and targeted mindset – the critical move to being their enabler and change agent.

This mindset shift requires a different approach to understanding the client’s world, an ability to articulate and apply your personal and collective value proposition at a strategic level, as well as focusing on essential ‘how’ skills which build credibility and ultimately, trust.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key elements of trust and being a Business Partner in the new landscape

  • Ask the right questions to establish deeper understanding of clients and their needs

  • Appreciate the importance of collecting ‘thick’ client data

  • Articulate a relevant personal and collective value proposition

  • Explore how to move towards the role of change agent

Workshop Format

Delivery tailored to participant level

Delivery tailored to participant level

Length of session

90 mins – 3.5 hours

In person or virtual

In person or virtual

Number of participants

24 participants

Indicative Workshop Content

New Trust Landscape:
From What to How

Maister’s Trust Equation:
2023’s Evolution

Becoming their Business Partner and Change Agent: Reactive to Proactive

Achieve Fix Avoid: What do your clients want?

Features, Benefits and the So What: Your USP

Unforgettable Learning Experiences

Trust Brainstorm

Raise your trust score
This exercise provides a deep dive into the four critical elements of trust in practice and a framework for self reflection and self assessment.

Participants are asked to evaluate how they currently build trust across the four elements of the equation, how to increase the multipliers of trust and reduce diminishers.

Brainstorming promotes a generative discussion around what individuals can focus on to become trusted advisors.

Know Your Client

Identify knowledge gaps
In this exercise participants are required to put themselves in the shoes of a key client in order to answer three powerful questions.

An exploration of these answers will require the participant to deep dive into their client’s world and current strategic context. Undertaking this process will illuminate the ways in which the participant has a sufficient depth of understanding and, crucially, the areas in which the participant will want to develop further insight.

Forum Theatre

Build confidence in new skills
The epitome of how we help people to defy expectations. Forum Theatre is a highly immersive platform to observe new skills and behaviours in a safe, supportive environment.

With real-time, constructive input from participants, we create highly realistic and relevant scenarios which help participants grow in confidence during the ‘moments that matter’.

Participants emerge from this session with clarity around how they can contribute to successful conversations.