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9 unmistakable signs that you’ve stayed in your job for too long

Waking up with a sinking feeling because it’s another day, in a job, you know is wrong for you? Its unbelievable how many people can put up with this feeling and not just for a few months, but almost their entire lives.

Why Settle?

One day, you tell yourself, something will happen and you’ll make the change but maybe nothing happens. Personally, I couldn’t think of anything worse than feeling like I’ve wasted my life but for many this is the harsh reality they face if they don’t change an unhappy work situation.

Sometimes there is nothing awful going on at your job, but the job just doesn’t challenge you anymore. If you’re smart being bored is not unsatisfying, it’s depressing.

You deserve to be in a job that challenges you.

The 9 Red Flags

Here are 9 red flags telling you, you need a career change or at least a re-vamp;

  1. The next 12 months ahead don’t look exciting or at least, different your going to be doing the same thing, you’ve done a million times, before.
  2. Management brush off your requests for development. You need to grow – this is crucial and should be implemented in a healthy workplace.
  3. You know everything there is to know about the procedures and processes of the workplace but you lack responsibility. Why are you not being recognised for your abilities?
  4. You can’t even remember the last time you did a task at work that excited you or even worse you think it’s unrealistic to believe that work should excited you.
  5. You are stuck in your place due to lack of hope of a promotion or a pay-rise – being locked like this is a sure reason to walk away, what do you have to look forward to or work towards? 
  6. You feel different from your co-workers – they like the routines and repetition and general safety of the roles at your work place but for you it’s hell, when you speak to them you feel more isolated about your own unhappiness.
  7. You don’t feel anyone in management is a mentor for you. You have different values and objectives to them, their leadership is not taking you anywhere.
  8. You feel anxious on Sunday before work on Monday – it won’t go away, ignoring it makes it worse!!
  9. You are fatigued, constantly sick and exhausted. Listen to your body, it’s known you for a lot longer than your boss and it’s trying to tell you something.

If you feel that this resonates with you, don’t panic, because being aware that you are worth more, is a great thing. Having the confidence to push yourself into the unknown is difficult but the fear of living a life in regret will almost certainly push you out of your dead-end role if your confidence will not.

Reinvention is a process and give yourself time to think about what it is that excites, challenges and motivates you.