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Our Mission

PCA exists to create unforgettable learning experiences which transform lives, careers and businesses.

Most businesses recognise the power of human connection; too few know how to unlock the full potential of their amazing people.

With our proven Human-centred Leadership model, we develop confident, capable and bold leaders at every level of business. When people grow, organisations prosper.

Experiential Approach

Learning doesn’t just happen in our head, it happens throughout our whole body, our head, heart and gut. That’s why we work closely with neuroscientists and drama based academics to shape workplace learning which embeds new skills and behaviours, the way humans are meant to learn.

Experience-based programmes, delivered by expert facilitators, create opportunities for participants to feel, hear and see the differences in their capabilities and return to their roles with new-found confidence.

Experiential Learning Benefits

Lived Experience

Lived Experience

Participants need only bring their experiences - we do the rest with flexible experiences tailored to individuals.

Head, Hearts, Hands

Transforms theoretical content into real-life experience, moving learners from theory to practice.

360-degree learner experience

360-Degree Learner Experience

Taps into multiple senses to create lasting, positive behavioural change.

Simulation versus reality

Simulation vs Reality

We create realistic simulations of authentic challenges to 'trick' the brain into learning new skills and behaviours.

Stretch zone

Stretch Zone

Challenge and support in just the right balance, to create new-found self-belief in a safe, positive environment.

New neural pathways

New Neural Pathways

Simple, repeatable experiences learned in-session are immediately and easily applicable in the workplace.


We offer extraordinary learning experiences at all levels, from graduates through to senior executives.

Leadership Equation™

Our unique Leadership Equation™ breaks down the characteristics of great leaders and provides the practical framework to cover the capabilities we may cover in your programme.

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