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Extraordinary Learning Experiences

We’ve developed a broad suite of immersive learning experiences for organisations of all sizes. Our services include:

We have a range of ‘Ready to Learn’ products curated by our design experts. 

For more specific requirementswe’ll work together to tailor a bespoke programme based on the outcomes you need and our deep understanding of experiential learning. 

If you’re ready to go then so are we – let’s get started.

PCA’s Leadership Capabilities

We specialise in Human-centred Leadership at all levels. From first time grads through to senior executives, we focus on the moments of personal ownership required to lead in a purpose-driven organisation.

Example framework
Strategic Ownership
Mental Health
Inclusion & Diversity
Innovation & Agility
Leading through Crisis
Creative Leadership
Inclusive Leadership
X-Shaped Leadership
Executive Personal Impact
Emotional Intelligence
Above The Line Leadership
Becoming The Trusted Advisor
Decision Making in Uncertainty
Difficult Conversations
Human-centred Leadership
Communication & Influencing
Coaching Skills
Outcome-based Feedback
Your Leader Shadow
Delegation Skills
Graduate Leaders
Presentation Skills
Resilience: Growth Mindset
Unconscious Bias
Internal Networking Skills