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How to instantly change our mindset – controlling our thoughts

Every thought has a vibration 

It’s powerful and also scary to realise that every thought, no matter how small, has an impact on our life. Why? Because our thoughts are an embodiment of our mindset, they shape our world and our actions.

When we feel positive (i.e at our peak performance), we send a matching frequency and we attract positive people, things and events into our lives. Our thoughts are imaginative and our ideas inspire others. Life just seems to go our way.

Conversely, when we feel negative, the world seems to close up around us. We can feel trapped, unhappy or anxious. Our lives become difficult and everything becomes an uphill battle.

Imagine if you could control your thoughts. Well here are 5 science based ways showing you how to instantly change your mindset when it matters most. Never let your thoughts control you again.

1.Practice gratitude

Many successful people practice gratitude daily to remain present, appreciative and positive. By being grateful for what you do have, your thoughts find it more hard to pick faults in your circumstances. Be humble and never forget how lucky you are to be privileged.

The science shows that those who practice gratitude have an increase in confidence and improvements in physical and psychological health.


Spend time reflecting on your journey. Review photos to remind you of the incredible experiences in your life. Photos are a great reminder of your journey, the changes you’ve made, your achievements and the beautiful relationships you made along the way. Spend a few hours with your thoughts and feel happy for your great experiences.


Immersing yourself in nature has been shown to increase the parts of the brain linked to empathy, love, and emotional stability.It helps you to feel more balanced and come to better resolutions regarding conflicts or problems. It’s also an incredible way to let go off overwhelming thoughts, take them on a walk with you and leave them there.

4. Remember your goals

It’s easy to feel defeated when you loose sight of your goals. But, when we focus on the things that motivate us the most, we ignite ur inner lion and turn into fighters. Never loose that spirit. Success is a constant battle and the most tenacious win.

5. Smile

Smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, improves your mood. Recent studies indicate that smiling more often rewires your brain to create more positive patterns.