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We’ve crunched the numbers – PCA Insights into L&D trends

Top 5

by Gill Hayward

This week at PCA we have been sharing our “Top 5” most in-demand solutions of 2023. Reflecting on the data we can see our clients shift towards creating resilient, inclusive, and effective workplaces.

“Becoming the Trusted Advisor” and “Giving and Receiving Feedback” – our top 2 solutions – underscore the importance of building trust and intimacy in relationships be that between team members or in client relationships. Different conversations for sure, but rooted in capabilities that build stronger relationships and an openness to step into the role of change agent.

We had the privilege of working with teams around the world last year, and our “Set Up for Success” workshops highlight the transformative power of high-performing teams. Understanding each other’s strengths, motivations and values helps develop unbreakable team spirit and lays the foundation for all future success.

Our remaining Top 5 solutions – “Inclusive Leadership” and “Hybrid Leadership” – showcase the focus organisations are placing on fostering diverse and adaptable leadership across dispersed environments. In a rapidly evolving work environment, we are seeing our clients actively looking to leadership models that prioritise inclusivity and adaptability as a cornerstone to sustainable growth.

Reflecting on these findings helps inform (and inspire!) the PCA team to evolve our solutions to support our clients and their teams.

As we look towards the coming months of 2024, we hope these insights can inform you on what our client organisations are prioritising and inspire others to continue evolving and adapting in our rapidly changing world.

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