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5 ways to embrace leadership


Management expert and author Tom Peters has defined leadership as an ability to make people better – the ability to push people beyond their imaginations and outside of their visions of themselves.

Imagine if you could inspire others and yourself everyday to be better?

Imagine if instead of waiting for guidance you paved the path to your own success?

As great as this sounds, leadership, especially self-leadership is incredibly difficult to achieve.

However here are 5 practical steps to help you unleash your true leader;

1.Take initiative

Don’t wait for others to solve problems that need solving. Be aware of the fine line between subservience and insubordination. Begin to build the efficient workplace you imagine, lead those around you to success and craft ideas to take your organisation to the next level.

2. Your friends count

We can never stop learning. Who you spend your time with hugely influences who you become. Do your friends or colleagues push you to be your best? Do they inspire you to try new things or jump outside of your comfort zone? If not, find people that do, you need to be challenged every day and held accountable to your goals – having a support system around you, with the same leadership mindset, undoubtedly helps.

3.Do your best each day

We aren’t perfect and sometimes we fail miserably. the difference between leaders and others is that leaders don’t make excuses, they admit their errors and do the extra work to get back on track. Make this your mantra too. However, if you continually find yourself performing below par, ask yourself if you’re in the right environment, role, or career. When you use your best skills, it isn’t hard to give your best every day.

4. Respect everyone

Irrespective of your job role, or how irritated you feel on any given day, you are never better than anyone else and you should respect everyone, always. Building trust is the golden ticket to leadership success. If you do not come across as trust worthy, people are less likely to come forward and pitch their ideas (ideas are crucial for collaboration) or even worse, they might stop believing in you. Remember, without people there would be no organisation.

5. Welcome collaboration

Leaders understand they can’t solve a problem on their own. This is why they bring together people with proven expertise. Develop a sense for collecting people from different teams, divisions, groups, and sometimes even companies, to work toward a solution or new idea. Successful collaboration results in innovation. Innovation results in market leadership.