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Why you should always lead with your values

Your values are an embodiment of your beliefs developed through your life, family and experiences. They are a testament to your true self. Whether or not you’re aware, your values influence everything. They persuade your decision making, how you prioritise your time and when it comes down to it they will always be the final arbiters for all personal and professional matters.

Core Values

When closely analysed, your values help you to determine what you truly want from your life, whilst simulatiously acting as a bench marks, helping you asses whether you’re satified with a current life situation. Examples of core values are;

  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Being true to your word
  • Humility

It’s a good idea to be clear on what your core values are. Write them down, think about them. understand why they are important to you. This process will empower you to understand all of your decision making processes.

How Our Values Influence Our Decisions

Whether we notice or not our values impact our decisions and life everyday. Here are some examples;

  • Science has shown that the most depressed individuals have made several decisions out of line with their values. In turn the happiest people have made choices that align with their values.
  • Making decisions in line with values, impact the seemingly small (but very important) things, such as not spending time on irrelevant things.
  • The more you make decisions in line with your values the less stressed you feel in other aspects of your life. This is because you stop doubting your decisions and yourself. You know what you’re doing is right for you and you confidently walk on your set path.

How To Best Utilise Your Values

Imagine if simply sitting alone for a few minutes could positively impact the rest of your life. Just writing down your values and getting to understand yourself and your decisions, could make the difference between a happy or a depressed life and equally a successful or unsuccessful career.

So, once you know your values (and there is no limit on how many) do the following things;

1.Prioritise Your Values

Once you have your list, prioritise the ones that are most important to you. As you’re trying to prioritise the values, have this question at the back of your mind: if I have to choose from these, which can go first and which one can I live without?

2. Look to your values everyday

Once you’ve determined what your values are, it’s vital to look to them every day. Let them guide you, because they will anyway. If you allow them to act as your compass, you can be reassured you are on the right path.

3. Be Flexible

There is nothing wrong with changing your list. Self-development is a process which means that you are likely to change. Being flexible and aware of your needs at any given time, is crucial to ruling in line with your values.