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How to boost your confidence in minutes

Moments before you deliver a presentation, one anxious thought can entirely derail your confidence.

Imagine if you could have control over your thoughts? Well, you can and it can take just moments to boost your confidence – when it really matters.

Whether you’re about to enter an interview, exam or publicly speak these 5 tips have been proven to boost your confidence in just minutes;

1.Power pose

I’ve written extensively about behaviour phycologist Amy Cuddy and her ground breaking research on “power posing”. Simply standing in a powerful stance, i.e taking up as much space as possible, hands on hips, feet apart, for up to 2/3 minutes can reduce cortisol (anxiety hormone) and increase testosterone (confidence hormone), it’s an ideal trick for before an interview.

2. Smell your success

Studies suggests that not only, can a scent influence confidence in men, but the more a man likes the fragrance, the more confidence he might feel. Equally the same study found that 90 percent of women feel a boost in their confidence while wearing a scent than those who go fragrance-free. So make sure to put on your favourite fragrance before an important presentation or interview.

3. Back straight

Mum was right all along – sit/stand straight.

Sitting with a slumped posture sends messages to the brain that you are feeling unconfident or insecure, whether you are or not and this in turn influences your thoughts. Avoid this downward spiral before an important appointment and monitor your posture.

4. Picture winning

Experts suggest that imagining yourself winning in a particular scenario increases your confidence when it comes to the real thing. The mental process of imagining the win can lead to greater feelings of self-assurance and prep your brain for a successful outcome.

5. Nod along

Research suggests nodding your head can boost your confidence. It’s advised to nod whilst you are speaking because you feel more confident as you talk when you do it — and you’re sending a subconscious signal that makes others agree with you. Not only does this trick boost your feelings of confidence but it subtly encourages your audience to agree with you and builds their confidence in your words.