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This one question can change the way you think about your goals


So many of us focus on what we want to add to our lives. We want success, we want happiness or we want leadership.

We seek to achieve our desired goals by looking upwards. What/who else do I need to achieve my objective? What will help me climb to my goal, faster?

But, what if we have been thinking about goals in the wrong way?

I’m not saying goals themselves are bad, in fact the contrary. Goals give us a purpose “they are the oxogen to our dreams” and without them we would be unfocused and inefficient.

But, instead of looking at what we need to add, to achieve our goals, what if we looked at what we need to leave behind?

Extraction for goal getting

Much like exercise regimes which can be undone by unfocused actions (such as eating junk food), our goal efforts can be jeopardised because of unhealthy habits.

Think about it – how can you expect to be successful if you go to bed at night and think about how unsuccessful you are. It’s a limiting mindset, one that needs to be removed before you can reach your desired goal(s).

You are a product of what you add or extract, it’s simple math. You can add everything, you think you need to be successful but, it won’t get you anywhere unless you extract your unsuccessful habits.

How to rid yourself of goal limitations

1.Self awareness

The absolute worse case scenario is that, you are limiting yourself and you don’t even realise.

“I can’t go for that job because of XYZ”, becomes the norm….you close doors on yourself.

Spend time monitoring your thoughts. Do you step away from opportunities because of lack of confidence? Do you negatively speak to yourself? If so, all of these habits are crushing your goals.

2. Actively push past limits 

There is nothing wrong with help. In fact, it’s activity encouraged by the most successful out there. Behind every billionaire business success is a coach. Coaches remove negative thought patterns and actively open doors that you can’t see.

3. Weakness workshops 

When you have a good understanding of where your weaknesses lie put time and effort into removing them. Obviously, what you do will depend on your specific limitations but setting time aside to work on them is crucial to clearing the path towards your goals.